Video Interviews

This video was shot around 2002 at Dockside Studios in Lafayette, Louisiana by Gordon Brooks, who was a Dean at the University of Lafayette, whom I befriended. We were shooting short introductions to DVDs I’d produced by Scrapomatic, Jason Crosby, Kami Lyle, and Oteil Burbridge that were about to be released by Artists House, my nonprofit, educational foundation, when Gordon began to ask me more general questions about the business.

I began my academic career at Loyola University in 2004 and this video was shot around 2011 I think, by a student crew led by Braden Piper, as I remember. It’s multi-sectioned but it does offer a frame for my thoughts about the music business and educating those who want to be part of it. My collection of production materials shows a consistency of approach that also frames my thoughts about pedagogy and the economic consequences of music making in all of its forms.