I began collecting LPs in college, in the 1960’s. I was pretty serious about it for many years. There are over 8000 jazz LPs and a few thousand classical LPs and a thousand pop/rock and world music LPs. There are over 7500 CDs, including recordings that I produced. The CDs and LPs are not included in the appraisal for the collection that comprises the rest of this website. I’m including them here because I have them! The appraisal for the 11,000 LPs is $175,000 to $200,000. They are available for purchase and subject to donation. I do not have an appraisal for the CDs.

Below are three videos concerning the LPs followed by two videos concerning the CDs. Below the videos is a spreadsheet with quantities by genre.

Here is a short video of the CDs followed by a longer one of the same collection that’s a bit more conversational.

Below are lists of quantities of LPS and CDs.