Project Notebooks

Sometime in the 1980’s I started keeping notebooks for each recording project rather than using manila folders. I have almost 400 notebooks ranging from only a few pages for a re-issue project to three inch binders for new recordings with a high level of complexity. Each notebook for a “new” recording (that is, recording musicians in a recording studio) contained all of the “paper” associated with producing it, including session notes, releases, contracts, mix diagrams, correspondence, travel information, and budgets.

Below is a video of the project notebooks pertaining to recordings I produced with living, breathing musicians, followed by a list of those notebooks and the project or artists to which they pertain.

The following video is regarding “re-issues and compilations”.

Below is a spreadsheet listing some of the project (session) notebooks, mostly reissues and compilations. We will soon add a spreadsheet of the notebooks for new recordings, as show above.