Photo Albums

I routinely took photographs on 35 mm film at many of the recording dates I produced. I have 40 photo albums of session photos with an average of 150 3×5 photos in each, or around 6000 photos. I have the negatives for most of these photographs. Here are a few photos of random pages of one of the albums (that contained photos of Dave Brubeck, BB King, Derek Trucks, Junior Wells, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Mike Stern, Jim Hall, among others.

Robert Jr. Lockwood with B.B. King
Jim Hall with Mike Stern, and Tom Harrell
Charles Brown with John Clayton and Gerald Wilson

Here are a few photos of the 45 photograph albums, five of which are personal, the rest having to do with recording projects, mostly from the mid 1980’s through the first decade of the 2000’s.