Project Tapes, Notebooks, & Memorabilia

Many of the new recordings, CD re-issues and compilations I produced have associated project notebooks, session tapes, video documentation, hard drives, and memorabilia. The inventories linked to below are works in progress but include a great amount of data in these areas. Many of the tape boxes include unreleased recordings, interviews, videos, cassettes of club dates and concerts by related artists and others.
Video Details

I got into the habit of storing related session tapes in plastic shoe boxes which I labeled by the artist. These include cassettes and CDs of suggest songs, “dailies” (end-of-the-day “rough mixes”), out-takes, the raw materials of a recording date. These often coincided with a “project notebook” that contained all of the written documents related to the recording session, the materials that would in today’s world would be stored on a hard drive. There are around 250 plastic shoe boxes. 

Project Notebooks

Dating back to the 1980s, I have over 500 notebooks ranging in complexity. Each notebook for a new recording contains all of the paper associated with producing it, including session notes, releases, contracts, mix diagrams, correspondence, travel information, and budgets.

Project Tapes

There are approximately 250 plastic tape boxes each containing around 20 session DATS, cassettes, or CDs (for a total of over 5000 total units) , over 900 reel-to-reel tapes of various sizes, and 80 U-Matic tapes.  All of these tapes relate to the Project Notebooks.  There are many rarities in various formats.

Audio Visual Recordings

Many of the thousands of audio visual recordings in the Project Tapes inventories have been transferred to external hard drives and uploaded to YouTube.  There a hundreds of interviews, recording sessions, performances and other AV content included in the spreadsheets linked to below.  There are around 85 hard drives of material as well as hundreds of analog recordings that have been digitized. 


Dating back to the late 1980s, I have over 180 baseballs signed by the participants and artists from various recording dates.

I have some interesting ones: Stevie Wonder’s thumb print, Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, Etta James, Dizzy Gillespie, B.B. King, and hundreds of other well known jazz and blues musicians. These all have corresponding project tapes and notebooks.

Detailed Spreadsheets


I have memorabilia from various artists that I’ve worked with through the years. Notable items:

  • Max Gordon’s watch
  • Mel Lewis’ cufflinks
  • Junior Wells’ harmonica
  • Signed artist photos
  • Ornette Coleman’s Violin
  • Don Cherry’s Pocket Cornet
  • Elvin Jones Drum Sticks
Detailed Spreadsheets